Project Description

” Fire God ”

Material: Acrylic on wood
Technique: Collage, Classical painting.


The frame is also available as NFT or for poster printing.

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Poster / 65 euros each (plus shipping and handling).
NFT / Visit the page on OpenSea and follow my account!
ORIGINAL/ Price on request.


In Oceania, on the other hand, the fire-bearer is associated with Māui. Among the Maori, too, fire was brought to earth by theft. The demigod Māui, a friend of humans, sought out the fire goddess Mahuika, found her at the end of the world and seized the fire by some trickery. After this feat, he was trapped in a world fire set by the furious goddess, but narrowly escaped by transforming himself into a hawk.


On Saturday another big fire broke out in my favourite house: La Palma. And it lasts until today.
While waiting for the next news an image came to my mind. Instinctively – although I am not a believer – one begins to immerse oneself in the legends. Standing helpless in the face of horror.