The Beginning

It started when I was eleven and was invited to the opera by my uncle during my vacation – without being asked. Mozart, the magic flute.

Spontaneously I was drawn into an unforeseen enchanting fantasy world. Real and staged. Then she came. Your act gave me the aha moment for my professional orientation.

She hovered over the stage and sang laughingly dramatically and with ease… .. The Queen of the Night. Majestic and dazzling, simply impressive.

I could only think of one thing: I want to make costumes for all queens of the nights! Beautiful enchanting dazzling and simply dreamlike costumes that should enchant the viewer into the figure …

Flown back – into reality.

There were not many opportunities for the perfect suitable training. The makeup artist or costume designer came close, but with few vacancies and even age restrictions for its approval. That was the easiest way for me to gain access to tailoring at that time.

“The Brave Little Tailor

Sissifuss work, extremely low wages, and the opening of the whole horrible textile industry was tough. And have created many low-level flights.

There is much to do. To improve this textile world.

Conclusion: Can I still admire the magnificent queen of the night with astonished open mouth …?

if I know how much suffering the workers had to endure to make this robe?

  • If I know how silk is made…
  • If I do know how synthetic fibers are made…
  • If I know how badly paid the job is also in Germany
  • If I know how much poison there is for everyone…

A moral – what can you learn from your story?


Difficult. The only solution for me is: be innovative, be. Develop ways and possibilities, be ready to compromise and educate and do beautiful things…. That hugs the mind.

It is clearly essential to make compromises.

Of course I try to buy ecologically certified fabrics for new products. However, this is quite complex since I do not necessarily live and work in the easily deliverable textile center on La Palma!

For my upcycling work, I source materials from various sources. Mostly from our own sources on site and donations and collections.

By doing a lot of work yourself, you can rule out some critical points in textile production. And you can easily break this chain of unspeakable things.

When it comes to sewing, e.g. Child labor is out of the question, and there is a lot of choice to choose substances and materials that simply contain much less pollutants and cause diseases for the end user!

It is also very satisfying personally that there are always more companies that prescribe themselves to produce much more gently! Even if it is really not easy to survive on the free market.

Just come and have a look at everything… let’s talk and exchange! Or work out joint creations.

I would be very happy!