Unique Style

Do you want to strengthen yourself and your business with quality and joie de vivre, diversity and style? Whether you work as an artist, aesthetic or manager, maintaining personal and individual preferences and preferences leaves a good impression!

I am happy to advise you on type-related refinements and support you in creating your outfit for the next appearance! We use colors, shapes, styles and materials to create the optimal outfit.

For those who enjoy transformation.

For those who play and enjoy with expression.

For those who like to invite color and style into their lives.

In-house collection

In the studio, too, costumes for very special appearances are produced. Costumes from historical times which give the modern artist an authentic expression. The next time you do something from the past, take a look at musa: ic. Maybe you will find an inspiration or a costume that you like. There is also the possibility to borrow costumes!

Staged!! Life style!

Your stage? Your moment. Your act!

Fashion is always. Fashion is now. Changeable, ephemeral, and forever.

Person & Style as a walking expression.


The devil is in the detail. Transform your appearance into a unique, authentic, unmistakable memory! This gig your success.

Your shape underlines your doing! Show stance and win looks.

Wallflower in scene. No contradiction!