Fashion design

The offer is varied and individual. The unique pieces are available for all sizes and colors. Expert advice in style and type as well as individual designs according to customer requirements are made possible.


Upcycling & Refashion

It is an innovative production method in which we create a further use circle, and thus improve the ecological “footprint”.

It is also extremely creative and wonderful unique pieces are created. It has a very artistic character.

In my store you can mainly find designs of westerns, dresses and practical complementos such as belt bags, cases and pouches or smaller backpacks.

For those interested and committed: You can even become part of my upcycling circle and thus support this innovative initiative!

For the wonderful upcycling products I would like to call you to donate your recyclables or used clothes.

There is then a discount for your next purchase of the upcycling products!

Come on over, I’m happy to explain it to you personally.

Register and get a cyclecard.

More on the topic soon in the blog. The following questions are explained.

Upcycling: What’s this?
Why is it necessary?
Why is it difficult?
What is recycling?
And what is refashion?
How is upcycling in the climate course?

And many more! You are also welcome to ask me questions that I will be happy to answer in the blog!


The repairing service is available in the public timetable, or you fix a personal date!


All infos and services dates about workshops and seminars you can visit on the page for courses or contact me for questions!