With many years of experience as a course instructor, I would like to invite you to my course, which is quite a bit unconventional, to immerse yourself in the world of textile fibers.

By unconventional I mean that I would like to add unusual concepts of the workpieces to the course, as well as more focus on your ideas and their implementation.

Depending on how far you have already developed your sewing skills, I would like to individually create a concept for your other learning methods. For this I have a wide range of courses on offer. Have a look, maybe you will find something that interests you. And otherwise just write me and maybe I can offer you something extra for you!

The studio has room for close pupils, the best thing to do is check the calendar or contact me directly.

There are courses for groups, but individual course hours are also possible. Learn to approach and implement your ideas directly. I help you with it! D-I-Y

Textile Industry

If you are also very fascinated by the topic of the textile industry or you would like to finally learn more about how it all relates … what information is true and you would like to take action … Then come and write me in my seminar on the world of textile production a.

There you will learn a lot and we will also actively discuss and think about solutions.

Note: All courses and seminars are created and founded by Anne-Theilke Grabow. Your textual content and the teaching concepts / materials are the property of Anne-Theilke Grabow and may not be copied, sold or used for commercial purposes without your consent. Thank you for your understanding!

Our Courses

· Upcycling Course

For someone who likes to live creatively and learn to work with different materials.

Textile upcycling

creative ideas development.

sharing recycling materials/ideas

Block courses and weekly per trimestral / fixed prices per course.

· Course for Beginners

For someone who wants to learn to sew!

Basic course for textile processing and fabrics.
Imparting the basic knowledge for easy work and smooth workflow with work equipment.
Production of a sample.

Block courses and weekly per trimestral / fixed prices per course

· Seminar: Fashion / Industrial Textile Manufacturing!

Get an overview of how everything works!

  • Cultivation and animal husbandry
  • Harvesting and extraction
  • Processing from raw material to product
  • Textile manufacture
  • Man-made fibers
  • Wages and trade
  • climate

It takes place by arrangement and number of participants!

Get inspired for new ideas!

Discuss the hot and emotional topics!

Also highly recommended for school groups or employees from specialist circles in the textile industry.

Fixed fee

· Vacation workshop

Are you on holiday in La Palma and would you finally have time for a sewing course?

Write to me and maybe there is still a place in a holiday group!

Price: Individual / by hours

· Individual class

For the more advanced, need the help in creating their own works.

Weekly by appointment / price per houra